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fuori menù 4 giugno

Off the list June 4, 2021, real time, Damiano Carrara, Gino de Acampo

The new episode of the cooking show Fuori Menù with Chefs Damiano Carrara and Gino D’Acampo airs today, June 4, 2021 on Real Time.

At present Proposes this evening, June 4, 2021, a new episode of the cooking program off the listWith the participation of the chefs Damiano Carrara and Gino Dacampo.

Formatting provides that Two amateur chefs e Two-room managers Engage in a culinary challenge. Therefore, each team consists of two teams of a chef and a manager and sponsored by one of the executive chefs They have two hours To prepare a complete menu and furnish a room to your taste. Finally, the menu prepared by the spouses is presented to the real customers and the other participating and existing spouses Carrara and Ducambo.

This evening, ideally, two families challenge each other: Bianca and Daniela, mother and daughter Gino de Acampo. They face a team Damiano Carrara Format Yes Lorenza and Teresa, Also their mother and daughter.

You can see bets off the list be on At present, this is on food web; Moreover, episodes of the show are available live on the site Discover +.

Episode begins. The first competitors presented are Lorenza and Teresamother and daughter from Turin. “It worries me that my mother says strange things. It is a bit private.” Teresa says. “But it’s a match that lights up instantly.” he answers Lorenza. Their menu is called “Walking around in Italy”. “During our travels we tasted many dishes, and we loved incorporating them into our menu” confirmation Theresa.

Then, it’s up Daniela and Bianca, as well as their mother and daughter. “We do a lot of things together, we are very close. I am worried my mother might make a mess in the room” says laughing Bianca. “Our menu is called ‘Sunday with the Family’. We will present the classic Neapolitan main menu.” Let her continue.

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They are the first to test themselves in preparation and presentation Daniela and Bianca, sponsored competitors Gino de Acampo. Bianca She is very self-confident, and from the kitchen is constantly joking with the chef GenoAnd the Put it “in line”. “It is impossible to work with Bianca in the kitchen, she is always right!” shouting miserably DacamboHe comes out of the kitchen. While DanielaHis mother is in the room Lower returns quickly; At least in the beginning.

In fact, half an hour from the start of room service Bianca’s list is not ready yet.

customer access, and Daniela He orally explains the menu for the evening. BiancaMeanwhile, he finished the preparations in the kitchen, With the help of D’Acampo.

Theresaone of the contenders, He immediately puts Bianca into trouble in the kitchen. asks a second time, Platter from the menu: of meatballs Fish, instead of Meat, and the second.

Despite the very tight deadlines, in the end Bianca finishes making dessert in time. Therefore, all customers are served And they can rate their dinner. According to the pioneers, Bianca and Daniela’s list deserves 89 points In total. The two opponents, Teresa and Lorenza, vote for 7.

Team Teresa and Lorenza matrix array in the hall the daughter Theresa, e at a kitchen the mother Lorenza.

It doesn’t look like Lorenza needs itBecause it progresses very quickly. Damiano, however, Make her some caramel Placed in the base of the upside-down cake served as dessert on the menu “Walking around in Italy”.

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Meanwhile, in the dining room Theresa It composes very colorful tables, which is reminiscent of the red, white and green colors of the Italian flag.

15 minutes from entering the customer lounge, however, Looks like the kitchen is a little late for preparations.

Dining room service by Teresa and Lorenza

The second and final Fuori Menù service begins. Customers arrived in the room, and Waiting to be served. However, the list is somewhat outside the list that competitors demand composite. In fact, Bianca asked to be prepared, second, eggplant parmigiana.

in spite of everything, Damiano goes to the kitchen several times to give Lorenza courageShe was clearly exhausted from the many preparations she underwent. She responds enthusiastically, quickly proceeding from cooking to cooking. Only the dessert, according to Damiano, will not be cooked in time to serve. He’s right: unfortunately, at the end of the time available for preparations The upside-down cake is not ready.

Customers and the opposing team cast their votes, for a total of 108 points. Additional scores still missing: Alleged advice. which will be able to confirm or reverse the position.

In the end, he wins blue team, format yes Teresa and Lorenza.