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Adeline movie, plot, cast, actors, ending, where it was filmed, location

Adeline movie, plot, cast, actors, ending, where it was filmed, location

Channel 5 Suggest the movie with the title Adeline. It is a dramatic film with a romantic atmosphere.

Production is from United States of America. The year of creation is 2022 and its duration is 1 hour and 37 minutes.

Adeline movie actors

Adeline movie – direction, heroes, where it was filmed

The trend is by Greg James. The main heroes are John H Terry Played straight before David Chokachi H Erin Bethea. Also in the cast Orly Gottesman In turn Bethany.

Filmed in America, In particular A Johnstown and surrounding areas in the provinceOhio.

Production is from Pandora Persephone movies In cooperation with Nice entertainment H Arclight Studios.

The film is known worldwide by the same title.

The movie Adeline where it was filmedThe movie Adeline where it was filmed

Adeline – film piece that was broadcast on Canale 5

When a mysterious doctor arrives in a small town in the world MidwestHis healing horse, AdelineHe quickly gained a reputation as a “healer” for people with special needs.

Unaccustomed to this alternative form of treatment, some begin to question the validity of these methods Adeline Tensions arise. But one day, during a horse therapy session, a devastating tornado hit the stable.

Adeline He springs into action, takes his students for cover, and pushes them against the main wall of the stable. while Adeline He saves the lives of 12 people and suffers the devastating force of the storm, breaking his leg.

Final spoiler

The townspeople are now convinced of the amazing spirit AdelineThey banded together to raise the money needed to repair her leg and save her life. Based on a true story, Adeline He teaches everyone he meets the same powerful lesson: miracles happen when you let go of control.

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The end of the movie AdelineThe end of the movie Adeline

Adeline: The full cast

Below is the film's cast Adeline And the characters played by the actors

  • John Schneider: Sherif
  • David Chokachi: John
  • Erin Bethea: Terry
  • Orly Gottesman:Bethany
  • Jake Sato:Jason
  • Abi Van Andel: pastry chef
  • Shane Brady: Dr. Joe Schiffer
  • Patricia McBride: psychologist
  • Christine Bruner: Susan
  • Dara Jade Teller: A young mother
  • Jane Moder: Kay
  • Greg James: Jeff
  • Ralph Scott: not shiny
  • Max Jablow: Ruby
  • Anne Herberger: Millie
  • Todd Covert: Harold
  • Sam Lewis: Dr. Gibbs
  • Summer Clark: Holly
  • Liam Knapp: Adam