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Nothing to do with Solly Sorge.

Nothing to do with Solly Sorge.

Big Brother Vip’s leader has admitted regret not having any further relationship with Soleil Sorge.

Alfonso Signorini He decided to answer a series of questions from his Instagram followers. Many users were curious about the leader Big Brother Vip. In particular, relations with former protagonists of the sixth edition, including Selassie’s sisters, Alex Bailey and Soleil Sorge.

Older brother, Alfonso Signorini, unpublished wallpaper: “No connection with Soleil Sorge”

But let’s go in order. At first Gentlemen He indicated that he never missed the reality show, perhaps in light of the six-month period for the last version. When asked if he doesn’t like some of Givini’s past behaviors, the conductor He answered eloquentlytoo much“And the possibility that the next version will be a Nip-only version, Alfonso He excluded it though he preferred it:

No, I was just hopeful but now I don’t see any possibility. If it was up to me, I’d just do that NIP.

On my previous gif, select Alessandro Bacciano and Sophie Codegoni two “Crazy and cute” It also unveiled They have no relationship with Sully SorgeAnd the Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with Sulli. Unlike princesses Selassie: “I don’t miss sisters because I hear them so often.”

Can’t miss asking about Alex Bailey If the representative is absent:

If I miss it, I will have some problems to solve.

respond to he goes up. At the end of the reality show, the former suitor has severed all ties with the host and the reasons are currently shrouded in mystery. Only the Italian-American influencer reviewed Sophie Codegoni who was also Guest with Verissimo. to Katia Riccielli or other ex-Givenino trace of the conductor who confirmed that day.

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