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Not honoring nuclear weapons treaties – Il Tempo

Not honoring nuclear weapons treaties – Il Tempo

Nuclear weapons, conflict between USA and Russia. The Washington administration has accused the Kremlin of not honoring the “New Beginning” agreement on the non-proliferation and control of nuclear weapons. The United States has accused Russia of failing to fulfill its obligations under the 2010 Nuclear Arms Control Treaty. Moscow, according to Washington, will not allow inspectors to visit its nuclear sites, as stipulated in the agreement.

The Guardian reported that the spokesperson of the US State Department said this. The spokesman explained that Russia’s “refusal” to allow the inspections “prevents the United States from exercising important rights under the treaty and threatens the credibility of US-Russian nuclear arms control.” The spokesman added that Moscow has a “clear path” to return to compliance by allowing inspection activities, and added that the United States is ready to work with Russia to fully implement the agreement.

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