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The 2022 affiliate Ferrari end with The worst possible way. Not so much on a competitive level, where despite the shortcomings in terms of performance, a runaway horse can still try to catch 2nd place In the World Drivers’ Championship with Charles Locklear and a place of honor in the creators’ ranking, which contains a smashing return of Mercedes. The many issue that has erupted around Maranello has to do with Alleged bombing by Matthias binotto.

According to the rumors that circulated at the beginning of the week, the “papal” of the 53-year-old engineer, who has now been in charge of the Scuderia for four seasons, is coming to an end. To replace it, again according to rumors in the press, should be Frederic VasseurStream Team manager Alfa Romeo. I have Ferrari officially denied The news that remained on everyone’s lips. In Abu Dhabi, in fact, they don’t talk about anything else.

Binotto and the French Come together At Yas Marina Circuit to attract the attention of photographers and reporters. When was something like this seen? Two engineers who are able to attract the attention of the media even if it is the arrival of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on the “Oscar night”! Worthy dynamism Hollywoodand not from Formula 1. However, we came up with this.

F1, Binotto and Vasser change? Video: They arrived together at the Yas Marina Circuit

On the other hand, the denial He didn’t really convince anyone. The runaway horse is standing Payment of fees Also in terms of Authority. If a company like Ferrari denies a story, the matter should be closed. If it doesn’t, it’s clearly because of that company It has no credibility. However, there is another area where 2022 closes in poorly. The best car was the third. Mathematical errors followed one after another until they ended in ugliness; Calling started Water.

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Quite literally, why at this point There are two cases. If Vasseur’s arrival in place of Binotto is a “ball”, as Jean Alesi puts it on the Sky Sport F1 mics, then Scuderia Completely lost credit. Both because there are those who allow themselves to release some shenanigans, and because they resist the team’s official press releases. If, on the contrary, it is a file a leak It arrived directly from Maranello Expect A decision already made, then there are important gaps to connect the main environments. bad sign You have no control of your information.

In the coming weeks we will find out which of the two is true. Sure, trick-or-treat, it’s the myriad page not measure up difficult season. The proverbial icing on the cake of the year it went all out for the Reds gradually rolling.

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