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No one knows, but I am Albanian and lived as a foreigner in Italy

No one knows, but I am Albanian and lived as a foreigner in Italy

Ana Oksa spoke about herself in a long interview with Domenica In, her first after not hosting the post-Sanremo 2023 phase. The singer spoke about herself, her transformations and her relationship with music.

On the Sunday, December 17 episode of Domenica In, in the TV lounge Mara Venere She was a guest Anna Oksa. After not hosting the show dating back to the last Sanremo Festival, in which she participated as a competitor, the singer spoke about herself by recalling different moments from her career, in constant transformation and development. Her life is now in contact with nature, where she finds herself and her true essence, which she also reconnects with through music.

Anna Oksa and the relationship between nature and music

Anna Oksa has been living away from worldly life for years: ““I am in the mountains, in true nature, surrounded by peaks and trees.” This is a choice that broadcaster Mara Vener described as radical, but the singer immediately corrected it:

It’s not radical, I always have nature close to me, living in the city has become stressful, living in nature is more convenient for me, nature has something special, you don’t need to say who you are and what you do, nature knows, and you are free to perceive this silence that speaks .

Living this way allowed her to fully channel her feelings and transform them into something that truly suited her being:

For me it was natural to do this, if I had not done this, I would have taken my true nature from myself and I would have robbed people of this music that comes from another place, there is a connection, a vertical that unites you in this dimension, you collect everything, you carry it inside you and you transmit This thing that happens, that happens. It was natural for me to follow this path, I didn’t even have to choose, it was the path, no matter the cost. But that’s how an artist should be.

However, he paused on the word “artist” for a few more minutes and declared: “I prefer to define myself as a sound and sound craftsman, because the word artist is overrated“.

Anna Oksa’s transformations

During the interview, Mara Vener shows her guest various video clips that tell about her participation in Sanremo, the changes, even in her appearance, and each step represents an important moment in the life of Ana Oksa, who looks at herself, realizing that these images belong to her. To the time that will be no more:

It has already happened, so I look at myself with love. I recognize these passages but I do not imprint them on them as if they were something that no longer existed. I live them as something that was an integral part of my life, of that Anna. Now Anna sees herself with the utmost sweetness and with no regrets. I have lived one life, I have been brought up as if they were two parallel lives, the Anna of everyday life and sound, the dimension where, as in nature, I need not say anything.

In this regard, Mara Vener asks the singer if in those moments she could say that she was truly happy and Ana Oksa responds by saying:

I was never attached to the image of myself, to what I could be, for example, thinking, and this allowed for different transformations. I had what I wanted and realized my essence, because I could do it. I had this experience instantly and I couldn’t help but be happy, I was living this thing.

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Anna Oksa talks about her origins

Finally, Vinier admits to her that when he announced her hosting, many told her that he would have a hard time interviewing her: “I’m used to this trite chatter” Says the singer, who takes the opportunity to add details about her life that few people know:

No one knows that I was born into a family in Bari, my father is Albanian, because at that time there was the Geneva Convention, I could not be Italian, I was and still am Albanian, and this is an important thing, because the intense life that I had was for a foreigner in Italy.