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No curfews and vaccination restrictions: the turning point in Germany

No curfews and vaccination restrictions: the turning point in Germany

The Germany For several days he began to press the accelerator pedal in front Coronavirus vaccinesHe broke the wall of a million doses a day after starting Handbrake.

The government is now at the discretion of picture You’ll be ready to take another step forward, thanks to a deal Angela Merkel He would have found within his majority by cashing in a bank also important in the Greens, the first opposition party.

As early as next weekend, Germany can do that Remove many of the restrictions currently in place for people who have received the two scheduled doses A vaccine against Covid, except for those who made Johnson & Johnson who did not need a booster shot.

Germany: No curfews and vaccination restrictions

For those who have completed the vaccination course in Germany, there may be some important news soon, given that according to government plans they can You no longer have to respect the curfew Which at present, like us, starts at 10 PM and runs until 5 AM.

Not only more curfews, but also Say goodbye to social restrictionsThe necessity of quarantine and having to reach some shops and services such as museums or amusement parks.

Even those that are taken into consideration will not have to respect these restrictions He recovered from CovidOr at least for a period of 28 days and a maximum of 6 months, with continued commitment to wearing the mask and social distancing.

Target – explained the German Minister of Health Jens Span Indiscretion Confirmation – It is the introduction of the new ruling into effect at the end of this week or next week at the latest“.

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This is a turning point in Germany that can somehow also give hope toItaly, Given that until now on the issue of vaccines, we have often “copied” the decisions made by Berlin.