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Nintendo Switch Technical Analysis Video -

Nintendo Switch Technical Analysis Video –

On YouTube, FPSY channel published a file video technical analysis introductory from Demo for all Nintendo Switch From Monster Hunter Stories 2. This way you can begin to get an idea of ​​how Capcom’s engineers are working and what we can expect from the final release of the game.

This is because if it is true it is a file Infinite copy From the game, the time available from the developers is not much and in these weeks it will only be possible to improve the game engine.

The initial verdict, which also appeared in our test of Monster Hunter Stories 2, is a very compelling and utterly poignant piece of art. However, the Nintendo Switch has had some struggles to manage everything smoothly.

In a mooring modalità, Monster Hunter Stories 2 gira a 1600×900 dynamic which sometimes drops to 1536 x 864 at an unblocked frame rate of 30 fps. In portable mode, the resolution drops to 1280 x 720. During trim operations, the frame rate drops to 20FP.

FPSY thinks Capcom can do it to block Frame rate at 30fps to improve the smooth feel of the game, which is a bit flat with unlocked frame rate. But the verdict is positive. Monster Hunter Stories 2 will be released on July 9, 2021 on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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