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New world shocks video cards, Amazon: Blame the manufacturers, not the game

New world shocks video cards, Amazon: Blame the manufacturers, not the game

The players’ nightmare continues new world. After the annoying problems you encountered with the trial version, the . file Amazon Games Keeps damaging video cards From users, in particular Nvidia GeForce last generation. Despite what the company says, there are numerous reports of real crashes and failures caused by the game, which prompted Amazon to issue another press release and provide a comprehensive explanation.

Amazon: “No unusual behavior with the new world”

The launch of New World drew criticism from the public, thanks to overcrowding that prevented thousands of players from accessing servers during the first few days. The most serious anxiety problems for Constant meltdownsNS and data, more or less dangerous, caused by video cards.

take a look at official forum In the MMO, we found dozens of reports and comments from angry users: there are those who talk about the aforementioned meltdowns and who, in the worst case, are from Brick of GPUs, ie video cards that stop working.

as he explains JayzTwoCents, youtuber is particularly active in the computer scene, crashes not only happen with EVGA cards – With GeForce RTX 3090, more precisely – but Even with GPUs from other manufacturers, including Zotac.

Everyone is pointing fingers at AmazonBut the company Jeff Bezos founded does not exist. In a note sent to the editorial board computer games, publisher New World responded to the latest reports by suggesting gamers to turn to the manufacturers themselves for the failures of their GPUs.

“We’ve received quite a few reports from gamers experiencing issues with GeForce RTX cards.”Amazon said. “After a long investigation, we ascertained that from the New World side, There are no unusual behaviors that cause these problems. The American giant then reiterated that EVGA confirmed production problems related to NVIDIA GeForce RTX cards. “New world safe and We encourage players Who have encountered a problem with the device Contact the manufacturer.

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However, it must be specified that, according to EVGA itself, only Twenty RTX 3090 card They were damaged while running the New World beta. In any case, the California company welcomed feedback from its customers and already offered immediate replacement for defective GPUs, even before receiving the “cracked” cards in their warehouse.

Who is right and who is wrong? The situation is still somewhat confusing.

There are undoubtedly some GPU models with manufacturing defects—in particular, early versions of NVIDIA’s Ampere range; These are the cards that suffered the worst fate, but only after cloning new worldSo the possibility remains open that there is a bug or issue with the game that Amazon Games has not yet identified in the house. In this scenario, he also stays on the field Driver related problem, but so far NVIDIA has not been questioned or interfered with the debate.