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PlayStation 5

New ways to buy from GameStop. More frequent restockings and no queues!

GameStop announces new ways to buy PlayStation 5 consoles Sony, fit for you The official website at this address. Starting early this week Restocking becomes more frequent, and there is no need to queue at “waiting roomto access the purchase.

at the moment The real restock calendar has not yet been formalized With dates and times, but the same GameStop in its press release suggests contacting the site frequently to check the availability of a new Sony console.

Chances of finding the available console in the morning increaseWhen connecting is easier once PlayStation 5 is available on the official website. On the home page you will find a box indicating the availability to purchase the PS5.


The quantities available for each occasion will be somewhat limited That is why only the fastest or lucky ones will be able to grab one. But increasing the number of restockings should make things easier for everyone. Unfortunately, there is no way to know in advance when new consoles will be available, nor if it will be made available in ‘Softo in the package.

We are also waiting to see if the weekly restocking will take place as well, which is usually on Thursday afternoon. Or it’s a complete makeover with daily restocking.

Alternatively, you can create your own PlayStation 5 by going to any GameStop point of sale, where there promotion oftrade in. Your old console is worth up to €150 to book a PS5 bundle, or Up to €200 to buy PS5 accessories and games.

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So we invite you to keep the antennas well on your head, eh Subscribe to our Telegram channel dedicated to offers We’ll let you know as soon as possible about the availability of the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

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