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Italy, a storm in the convertible bus: Thunder Leonardo Bonucci

Italy, a storm in the convertible bus: Thunder Leonardo Bonucci

defender of Italian national team Leonardo Bonucci Back to the controversy about open bus In an interview with Il Foglio. Wednesday Governor of Rome Matteo Pentidosi He pointed his finger in the middle Juventus And the leader of the Azores Giorgio Chiellini to Parade on the bus Through the streets of Rome, which had not previously been authorized.

Bonucci responded by attacking:Blaming the players is very simple and Italian. The authorities agreed to use the open bus, saying that They were able to handle the situation.”

“The whole delegation requested the open-top bus, and since the covered bus, regardless of being blocked by the crowd already on the street and still tied up in the driveway to follow, The authorities agreedThe European champion continued.

“We will never allow ourselves to take the place of the relevant authorities, I believe. They made their due assessments, Before what happened in Piazza del Popolo the night before, and then as we passed into town.”

On Wednesday, FIGC defended itself with an official note: “A return to Rome was only expected after receiving invitations of welcome from the Head of State and the Prime Minister; upon arrival in front of Palazzo Chigi, considering that the situation was no longer manageable because the covered bus did not discourage fans from surrounding the delegation. The Italian in every way, we are still repeating the request, at this stage, with the participation of the institutions, for a short open-top bus excursion with the aim of protecting the safety of the players Do not disappoint the thousands of people who have already flocked to the center of the capital In the hours leading up to this meeting.”

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OMNISPORT | 07-15-2021 11:19