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1 trillion for broadband, electric cars and cyber security

1 trillion for broadband, electric cars and cyber security

One trillion dollars for broadband access and support the technology sector, especially electric vehicles. At the same timeThe bill aims to recover a portion of this investment by defining digital property brokers’ obligation to report profits from trade to the Inland Revenue Service. The profits thus taxed bring in at least $ 28 billion in revenue to the federal treasury in the current constituencies.

The bill has not yet been approved by the House of Representatives and passed by President Joe Biden. Allocation About $ 75 billion to fund broadband, cybersecurity and electric vehicle charging stations. $ 65 billion has been earmarked for expanding access to broadband Internet services. The epidemic highlights the need for high-speed Internet access, which allows workers and students to access both offices and schools from home, while minimizing large disparities in Internet access in rural and some urban environments.: Includes $ 42.5 billion grant to fund broadband deployment in low-coverage areas. Up to $ 30 a month can be discounted by receiving a monthly grant to cover Internet costs for another $ 14 billion of low-income Americans.

The bill also aims to provide funding Establishment of electric vehicle charging stations nationwide with $ 7.5 billion. A figure that appears to be very low when looking at the rating given by the consulting firm AlixPartners Accordingly, at least $ 50 billion is needed to build a US charging network capable of serving the expected number of electric vehicles by 2030. You can get these funds. The final portion of the fund will go to strengthen the country’s cyber security: Congress has chosen to allocate about $ 2 billion to this area: $ 1 billion will go to the grant program To support local initiatives, the rest will strengthen the security of the power grid and the Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency.

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