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New revenue circulars, new values ​​under the lens

There are hard times with home bonuses because the Draghi government and the Revenue Agency absolutely want to confront the many scams that have surfaced around these bonuses.

In fact, the Kunti government liked household rewards very much and considered them a precious tool but the government Draghi has started a new countermeasure on household rewards, and his last order will receive the most checks.


Let’s see what happens. Many house reward scams have appeared And so the Draghi government gave a mandate Revenue agency to implement really strict controls.

Lots of new cheats and controls

Nearly 6 billion housing allowance scams have emerged, so even if the government also blames the increase in costs In the revenue agency, it is necessary to identify all frauds.


Through a series of circulars, the Internal Revenue Service has made it clear what the criteria will be to determine the fraudulent home bonus. revenue agency He will compare the value of the property with the value of the requested reward. If these two values ​​seem completely incompatible, there will be heavy investigations and even Penalties. Many will have to return the reward because it is very easy that these values ​​do not match or will not be anyway harmonic.

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Also the genetic status of beneficiary The home bonus will be compared to the value of the bonus itself. In short, all the different parameters related to the property reward and the applicant It will be crossed to see if something is wrong. A great deal of attention will be paid Also for the various companies that did this work. In fact, if these companies amass too many house bonus jobs or if they seem suspicious in some way, Even beneficiaries would be able to block the way.

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The new parameters

In essence, the new controls will be very insightful precisely in terms of the last controls that asked for it. In fact, if it will take time to verify the first recipients of the rewards The controls in the house in the past would be really strict. For these checks, the government intends to use artificial intelligence. In fact, the Revenue Agency is currently using powerful tools that they can bypass Even a lot of data is sensitive and thus would be really impossible to avoid for the experts.