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New referral for application and play

New referral for application and play

serial abandoned. The founder of Blue Box Game Studios, Hassan Kahraman, announced that he is facing social networks to announce another postponement of the abandoned application with gameplay scenes taken from the horror personally.

After announcing that Studio Nuare supported the development of this mysterious project, Kahraman then decided to post a new video message on Twitter to report it. “The past few weeks have been very stressful for our team”.

Thus, the game manager and founder of the BB Game studio reported that the application with the gameplay abandoned in the beginning Scheduled to be released on June 20, has been subjected to several postponements during these days and will be subject to an additional postponement, even a month August 2021 Due to doubts expressed by the team about the quality of the scenes to be shown to the public.

As Kahraman himself explains, in fact, “At the moment the application is not ready yet, it does not meet our expectations and the localization is not yet complete”. Thus, it will be necessary to wait until August (other delays permitting) to watch the new game scenes and reveal, hopefully, the mystery behind this title: A deserted is really Kojima Silent Hill?

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