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New Hubble Space Telescope Problem, Now in ‘Safe Mode’

back to talk about Hubble Space Telescope and new problem who hit him on Monday. There is little information at present. It is also difficult to know what actions the team of engineers and technicians will take to solve it.

HST Several years on his shoulders. The telescope was launched in 1990 and has undergone many modernization and troubleshooting missions over time. But with the end of the space shuttle program, all interventions can only be carried out “Remotely” Without the possibility of replacing components or interfering directly. L ‘last problem It was resolved in mid-July.

A new problem for the Hubble Space Telescope

The only information available at the time of this writing is a tweet Posted from the official account of Hubble Space Telescope At the end of October 25, 2021. The official blog has not been updated yet and even CEOs like Thomas Zurbuchen (NASA Associate Administrator) haven’t spoken yet.

The message reads that “Hubble’s science instruments entered safe mode on Monday after experiencing synchronization issues with the spacecraft’s internal communications. Science observations are temporarily suspended while the team investigates the issue. Instruments remain intact.”.

in Hubble

So the problem will again be of the electrical/electronic type, as happened in July 2021 even if it wasn’t necessarily about the same units. To solve the last problem encountered this year, it was necessary to activate the power system backup device (PCU) inside Hubble Space Telescope.

At the end of January 2019 it hase been repaired camera failure WFC3 (Wide Field Camera 3) While having a problem in October 2018 for gyros. All that remains is to wait for the team working on the new bug to provide more detailed information while trying to get the telescope back to full operation.

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