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New Flaw Allows Cheats to Corrupt Single Users’ Games –

New Flaw Allows Cheats to Corrupt Single Users’ Games –

A new glitch discovered in GTA 5 for PC allows cheaters to do nothing less than destroy other users’ single-player games, crashing them. Basically, a cheater doesn’t need to be in a game session to act and use a glitch to block another player’s game. Of course the same thing also works in the lobbies of Gran Theft Auto Online.

The problem was exposed by Twitter user TezFunz2, who recommended using a firewall and blocking all connections to solve the problem.

TezFunz2: “GTA Online PC players beware. There are some new remote ‘crashes’ and ‘kicks’. Your game can crash in single player or in any GTA Online lobby type. A cheater won’t need to be in a session. Protect yourself, Use a firewall to block all connections.”

TezFunz2 then added in another tweet that Rockstar Games, the GTA V development studio, is aware of the issue and is working to fix it as soon as possible. However, considering the holiday period, it may take more than a few days for the repair to arrive.

Meanwhile the user @tweet He posted a workaround on Twitter, which simply requires you to do so Download Guardian 1.54 fastload fix And select “closed session”.

Then Speydr_AU explained that if you want to bring friends into a game session, you just need to disable the firewall briefly, let them through, and then reactivate it.

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