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Neutrinos – the new frontier of SETI

Neutrinos – the new frontier of SETI

Figure 3 – The South Pole Base of the ICE Cube Telescope. Image source: Martin Wolf, IceCube/NSF

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We are in the year 2024 and the SETI project “Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence” is 40 years old, and in these eight decades it has certainly not given us great feelings. But over time, knowledge of the universe has changed. We have more information about our cosmic neighbors, as we acquire data and develop new technologies.

Author Graziano Chiaro proposes a new investigative method, which is not a bit expensive, it's true, but is it perhaps worth looking at the project from a new point of view?

Figure 4 – Positioning of contained bubbles
i Nile Baikal deep underwater detector
Neutrino Telescope, Russian telescope
Neutrinos in the waters of Lake Baikal.

The topic is complex, and we leave the introduction to the idea:

“SETI operations today are limited to observation
With radio telescopes e
A little more with optical telescopes, however
However, these techniques begin
Lack of results, to determine the pace,
While other theories emerge
They always push themselves boldly
A little further.
If it wasn't radio waves that exposed us
The existence of alien civilizations, what else
Can you help us? neutrinos,
For example. Neutrinos are particles
Without an electrical charge and with
Very small mass
That physicists haven't succeeded yet
To measure; They rarely interact
With matter, they actually can
Practically unobstructed crossing
Enormous thickness of material.
Every second every object is on
The Earth was crossed, including humans
By billions of neutrinos.
In nature there are sources of neutrinos
several. There are terrestrial neutrinos
Atmospheric neutrinos, solar neutrinos,
Neutrinos from supernova explosions,
Fossil neutrinos. For SETI researchers,
Communications via neutrinos are
A new and wonderful theory of
The investigation is for two important reasons.
The first reason, these superparticles
Of mass as close to zero as they can
Traveling very close to speed
of light and be able to penetrate
Easily in huge clouds
Interstellar and solid objects without
There is no interaction due to the distance
Universality, and this is a certain advantage.
Moreover, specifically the ability of neutrinos
To pass through the material
There is little or no attenuation in particular
Functional search
SETI aims within our
The galaxy is where there is great
Interstellar clouds of gas and dust
The second reason is that neutrinos are capable of this
It is also produced artificially
By those who (civilization) have had enough
Knowledge of particle physics.
Artificial neutrino sources
We know what they are: accelerators
of molecules capable of production
Acceleration of charged particles such as
Protons, electrons, or atomic nuclei.
Driving the collision of particles and
It is obtained under appropriate conditions
Some of them decay to produce neutrinos.
This is how it was produced
Artificial neutrinos project
CNGS (CERN Neutrino to Gran Sasso)
Which was allowed a few years ago
Sending a beam of artificial neutrinos
From CERN in Geneva to the laboratories
Distant Gran Sasso national teams
732 km from CERN.
There is another method known to us
Today for neutrino production: fission
Nuclear energy inside nuclear reactors.
During nuclear fission reactions
They are produced, as well as neutrons
Other fruits, even electron neutrinos.
And this is exactly this alternative
Artificial production to make neutrinos
Excellent candidates for communications
Or interstellar hopping if used
Of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations.
Detection of beams of “artificial” neutrinos that
Bearing information will provide
Conclusive evidence of its existence
Other technological advances
outside our country.
The challenge faced by physicists specifically
So should SETI researchers
Handling is arresting
A certain signal is noticed
The ease with which neutrinos
They travel through
The materials they explain
Very difficult
It should be noted, moreover
It becomes indispensable
It has availability
Detectors capable of separation
Artificial signals
From the bottom

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