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Marco Bellavia, after the bullying he suffered at GF Vip, was forced to live this way: Here he is today, a year later

Marco Bellavia, after the bullying he suffered at GF Vip, was forced to live this way: Here he is today, a year later

What happened to broadcaster Marco Bellavia after his adventure on the program “GF Vip”? This is how the face of Mediaset lives now.

Born in 1964 and born in Milan, Marco Bellavia He gained wide fame at the end of the eighties thanks to his participation in the drama “Love me Licia”, which was followed by his successful experience at the helm of the children’s program “Bim Bum Bam”.

From 2000 to 2022, the host then appeared sporadically on the small screen, but in the same year he accepted a job in the cast of “GF Vip 7”, except then Abandoned the program after only 13 days From time to time.

However, his presence on the reality show did not go unnoticed, especially because Psychiatric illness Bellavia accused him under the cameras of Canale 5.

Giffino actually showed increasing annoyance, and Constant indifference from his roommates They pushed him to leave the show early. But what really happened inside the Cinecittà loft?

Marco Bellavia and the adventure in “GF Vip 7”

The host entered the house in triumph, and at first established a cordial relationship with all his adventurous companions. But after a few days, Marco Bellavia was spotted He was walking around alone during the night Between the upstairs rooms, on many occasions he isolated himself from the rest of the troops. Although he repeatedly tried to share his mental state with his roommates, it was only a few times They mocked and mockedespecially from Geneva Lamborghini, Giovanni Ciacci And by the actress too much.

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In just a few days, his mental condition has sparked widespread concern online, to the point where the social media hashtag X #iostoconmarco It has jumped to the top of the trends. The public not only showed their solidarity with Marco Bellavia, but also asked the authors of “GF Vip 7” to release Strict measures Intended for “bullies”, he even went so far as to Engage program sponsors. Despite the audience's love, Marco Bellavia chose to withdraw from the program, and quickly disappeared from television radars. But how is he now?

Marco Bellavia's life after “GF Vip 7”

The host avoided embroidery too much in Ginevra Lamborghini's subsequent expulsion from the “GF Vip”, as well as in the televised eliminations of Giovanni Ciacci and Gegia. Instead Marco Bellavia limited himself to Highlighting the importance of mental healthHe then chose to return to his role as father to the young Filippo, born in 2007.

Currently, Marco Bellavia will be executing the works Mental coachHe also confessed during the presentation segment on “GF Vip 7”. He explained from his personal page on Instagram: “Life coaching is my profession, and it gives me great satisfaction, because I love helping people“.