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NATO and US begin to withdraw from Afghanistan - foreign

NATO and US begin to withdraw from Afghanistan – foreign

Kabul – Another important season of the third millennium is coming to an end Launched September 11, 2001. The United States and NATO have begun “local operations.” Withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. General Miller, commander of the International Forces in Kabul, said the process had begun following President Joe Biden’s announcement of a complete withdrawal of troops by September 11. It is an agreement signed with the Taliban that effectively provides for the expulsion of Western powers from the country.

“All our forces are preparing to retreat, The official announcement date will be May 1st “But the process started at the same time as the local activities,” he explained.
Meanwhile, civilian casualties continue to be recorded. Over the weekend, at least eight civilians were killed in airstrikes and a motor fire, citing local officials Afghan forces in the Central Province trade.

Four members of the same family were killed in an airstrike in the district of Jalris, where government forces carried out an operation against the militants for several weeks. In Wardak province, too, there is a motor circuit Saeed destroyed a house in Abad district, Killed at least three family members, including children, and wounded many more. Local politicians blamed government forces for both incidents, with some media reporting more casualties.