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Naspi batch March 2022, when unemployment arrives: the calendar

Naspi batch March 2022, when unemployment arrives: the calendar

The NASPI index is expected to be released this month starting March 8. However, the exchange date varies based on the day the application is submitted. Let’s see how to verify the payment.

there NASPIThe social benefit is expected to be paid to employees who forcibly lost their jobs this month Starting March 8th. Monthly unemployment allowance Does not follow an exact payment calendar: the disbursement date varies according to the day the order is placed. Only interested parties can find out the exact date by checking themselves Social Security file on the portal INPS. Once the payment has been made, it will be a visual notification in this section indicating it.

When will NASPI unemployment be paid in March 2022

NASPI unemployment payment must be made in March 2022 starting March 8, 2022 but the only way to know the exact date is to enter your personal section on the institute’s website. However, notice of payment may precede the date on which approval is actually made by a few days.

How to find out if your NASPI March payment has been made on the Inps website

To check the payment status of Naspi, it is necessary to check the INPS social security file. This section can only be accessed with a PIN, Spid, Electronic ID or Service Country Card. Once in the section, you need to click on the “My Alerts” icon, and then click on the icon related to push notifications. Here the recipient will receive a notification of the exchange notice and an indication of the total amount of benefits.

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