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Occhiuto and Princi meet at the US Embassy

Occhiuto and Princi meet at the US Embassy

Cadenzaro A positive and purposeful meeting took place today in Citadello, Cadenzaro, between the President and Vice President of the Calabria Region, Roberto Ociudo, and the Gucci Princi and Mary, who is in charge of the US Embassy in Naples in southern Italy. Avery.
The foundation for greater synergy has been laid between Calabria and the United States.
The President explained the programs being carried out by the region in the fields of tourism, culture and economy.

To resume the image of Calabria, he addressed the common history of the Italian-American people – the importance of the demise and accessibility of plans for the resettlement of villages.
The Zes of the port of Gioia Tauro was also the subject of comparison, starting with the possibility of tax exemption to attract investors who could allow the regional economy.
Finally, on the comparison chart, the celebrations will take place again in this 2022, the 50th anniversary of the discovery of the Rias bronzes.
The most important meeting. The beginning of a future collaboration to collaborate to relaunch Calabria’s film in Italy and abroad.

Consul Azeri: “United States Historical Relations with Calabria”

“I am just happy to meet President Ociuto. The United States, like other parts of southern Italy, has a historic relationship with Calabria, ”said Consul General Mary Avery, who held an inaugural meeting with the Calabria Regional President today. “I have conveyed to President Roberto Ociudo – he added – the deepest appreciation on behalf of the US government, myself and the US government for the recent solidarity demonstrations with the Ukrainian people by regional and local organizations aimed at welcoming and assisting some refugees leaving the conflict.

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