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Napoli-Lazio: Spalletti in the press conference


Luciano Spalletti speaks at the press conference live after Napoli-Lazio 2021. On Calcio Napoli 24 Live broadcast of Spalletti’s press conference after Napoli-Lazio

Another press conference by Luciano Spalletti Naples Lazio. Match NaplesLazio He finishes at the Diego Armando Maradona stadium and talks Spalletti Napoli Football Conference After the fourteenth day of the calendar league. that it football Spalletti Live Conference.

Napoli Lazio, Spalletti at the press conference

Mail Napoli Lazio Luciano Spalletti at the press conference. The Napoli coach spoke live after the match. Luciano Spalletti speaking on behalf of Napoli at the conference. This is what CalcioNapoli24 highlights:

“This time I can only be happy, there are elements where you have to absorb that thing that went out tonight. In addition to the match we had against a very difficult opponent, with Sarri who is good in construction and defence. Maradona found the pitch as I wanted him when I came here.” We have seen important things are many things.

These players who are part of the team have proven their level. Lobotka is aggressive, it has become difficult to imagine handling the ball in the strait. Then Ciro (Mertens, editor) when he hits the target is unbelievable. Zielinski made a great game, Zielo of the best times with high quality. Marui Rui made important choices, and Lozano and Insigne made the ball spin. Tonight it would be an understatement to give credit to just someone. Rahmani got off the line and did some good things. This game makes jurisprudence in many things.

Leaking? We know what our goal is, to get into the Champions League: what he asked of me and what we want. So we don’t want to live in a mediocre environment: Naples has an excess of quality in everything. Important men have passed by and we have to play for the ambitions of the city.

This reminds Naples of Sari. Osimin? He always wanted depth and at times it had to be found, as he did, between the lines. This is something he has to grow in while Mertens has learned to do it with Sarri.”

Spalletti Conference Naples Lazio
Spalletti Naples Lazio