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"My wife was evacuated on an empty plane as thousands of people are asking for help"

“My wife was evacuated on an empty plane as thousands of people are asking for help”

The woman was able to travel directly to Norway, her country of origin, with very few people

The ex-military man and his wife, Qisa, went to the airport in nightHoping to avoid chaos. Despite the dangers of traveling in the dark, the couple managed to make it to the airport and the woman boarded a plane with the association’s pregnant director and young son. Instead, Paul Farthing decided to remain in Kabul until all staff and their families were safe.

On the one hand, if a man expresses his happiness at the return of his wife to Norway, then on the other hand he cannot deny the fact that the plane was left empty, while he is inside the airport Thousands of Afghan citizens Who wants to leave the country, which is now under Taliban control. “We will leave the people behind – he said -, The situation is heartbreaking in Kabul. The eviction is an absolute disaster. We’ll see some pretty terrible scenes.”

Spain: Planes leave Kabul half empty — Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles also denounced a situation that military transport planes are leaving Kabul partially empty because the chaos at the airport prevents smooth operations. Robles added that an Afghan family evacuated from Spain lost their daughter in the crowd at the airport, and said that the best solution was to create corridors for the airport, but that this is impossible because “nobody is in control of the situation.”

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