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Mountain hotel, F35 planes and Chinese hoteliers: the espionage story that worries Switzerland

Mountain hotel, F35 planes and Chinese hoteliers: the espionage story that worries Switzerland

toClaudio del Frati

Wang’s family ran a guesthouse in Interbach, overlooking a military base. But when it was decided to station military aircraft coming from the United States there, some doubts arose: Were their owners agents paid by Beijing?

Don’t worry Mountain hotel owners or spies on Beijing’s wages? The Chinese family that since 2018 has been running a small guesthouse overlooking the Bernese Alps and also the main Swiss military airport, what job have they actually done? The Bern authorities preferred not to risk In the end, they convinced its owners to get rid of the small hotel in Interbach, which had been the target of a police raid for months because of… He is suspected of concealing secret “intelligence” activity.

He said from the beginning. Wang, originally from Beijing They purchased the Rossli Hotel in October 2018: Alpine style, wooden balconies and flower boxes overlooking green meadows, forests and Alpine peaks. But also on the runways from which Air Force planes take off carrying the Red Cross flag. About fifty meters away as the crow flies. At first no one objected; On the other hand that Unterbach is a unique base: There are no fences, no guards, even two roads crossing the path allowing cars and people to come and go and Even for some quiet cow.

Music changes in 2023 when Switzerland reaches an agreement with the United States of America to supply some F35 aircraft, A “jewel” of the most advanced military technology, capable of flying without being seen by enemies. Where are the F35s? In Unterbach, with the finishing hypothesis Parked in front of the windows of Pension Rossli. In Washington, their antennas must be straight, and the presence of Chinese hoteliers raises some doubts. Surely you want to put military aircraft activity Under the noses of those who can pass information to Beijing?

Moral: Nothing happens. Either F35s or Chinese hoteliers. And on July 26, 2023, something else will happen. The police raided the Rossli e He takes two members of the Wang family. The operation is carried out in the utmost secrecy, but the suspicion is clear: it will only happen Does hospitality to tourists hide intelligence activity? The accusation was not proven. All the investigation was able to attribute to the alleged secret agents was non-compliance with a series of hygiene rules and the use of foreign labour. In short, it turns a life sentence into a crime The violation was dealt with with a fine of 1,800 Swiss francs (Similar figure in euros).

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Whether they were spies or simple hotel owners, The Wang family is still “burned” So they decided to put the hotel up for sale and return to their country of origin. Swiss newspaper Daily newspaper I was informed a few days ago that a real estate platform has been put in place Rosselli is for sale for 1,700,000 francs. Which the Wang family bought for less than half. If they’re not “fake beards” they certainly have business acumen.

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