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Imran Khan is no longer the Prime Minister of Pakistan

Imran Khan is no longer the Prime Minister of Pakistan

In the early hours of Sunday morning, the seat of the Pakistani Parliament They voted no To Prime Minister Imran Khan in the midst of a major political crisis that began weeks ago. An opposition party submitted a motion of no-confidence, but Khan blocked it last week Attempt To dissolve parliament and call new elections. Voted after the Supreme Court found it unconstitutional His move, allowing Parliament to vote of no confidence.

Khan is Pakistan’s first prime minister to be impeached by a vote of no confidence: On Monday, parliament will meet again to choose his replacement who will rule until October 2023, the month scheduled for the next elections.

Khan is a former cricket champion, graduated from Oxford University, and has been the Prime Minister of Pakistan since 2018, when he was elected to the National and People’s Movement for Justice in Pakistan. During the election campaign, he promised to fight corruption and poverty and revive the country’s economy, but during his tenure, things did not go as he had hoped. The economy remained in a very difficult state, with inflation levels among the highest in the countries of the same Asian region, and the initially declining level of unemployment rising. Khan does not seem to have done well even in the fight against corruption, and therefore gradually lost political support, even from some members of parliament from his party.

To complicate matters, it seems that there was above all the loss of the support of the army, which according to various analyzes was necessary for his election in 2018. In Pakistan, a country that has seen many coups and military governments, the military has had a very strong political influence, especially in terms of security and politics. external. With the army, Khan encountered various types of engagements, some of them related to the gradual removal of Pakistan from the United States (albeit with much ambiguity and duplicity) and to the approach toward China. Khan responded to the impeachment motion by saying he was “the victim of an American plot”.

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