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Motorcycle Italy: Vinales Turbo in Free Exercise 1 Before Zarco, Rossi fights back |  News

Motorcycle Italy: Vinales Turbo in Free Exercise 1 Before Zarco, Rossi fights back | News

The Spaniard, who became a father this week, achieved his best time in the first round at Mogilo

The first free training session of the Italian race in Mogilo with a signature Renegade Vinales. The Spanish knight, who analyzed at 1’46 ‘593 on his Yamaha, wins the best time of the morning on the Tuscan circuit against Pramac’s Ducati Zarco And Suzuki Alex Raines. They finished in the top ten Morbidly (5 degrees), Bagnaya (6 degrees) e Pirro (7 degrees), while Valentino Rossi He struggles and closes only in 17th place.

Your first weekend as a parent starts in the best way Renegade Vinales, Who in Mugello celebrates the birth of his daughter Nina with the best time in his first free training session. Still a long weekend for the Spaniard who might be fun at first. Vinales drives his Yamaha M1, does everything well, makes the most of the many curves of the Tuscan circuit, takes in front of everyone at the end of the first 45 minutes of the Italian Grand Prix, which is back on the calendar after a year of forced discharge due to Covid . -19.

It also confirms itself wonderfully Johan Zarco3rd place in the overall ranking and the second best morning time. For the French driver, who is doing well at Pramac, renewal of contract is now at a pace that seems well-deserved after the excellent start of the season with Casole d’Elsa. Significant performance, only 209 thousandth of the M1 from Vinales and with a tenth of Suzuki advantage from Kidneys Who, for a moment, during the hearing, his fellow Yamaha had a hard time.

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After he injured a knee at Le Mans, Franco Morbidly He appears in Mugello with the fifth time of Free 1, a promising time trial for the Malaysian team’s square who, on the one hand, despaires, on the other hand, for the seventeenth time from Russian. Petronas with a double face, fast and graceful in the hands of Morbidly, another slower and more embarrassing with the “doctor” who appeared to be from the French Grand Prix out of the crisis that plagued him in the first races of the season. Rossi, like Morbiddelli, will not be satisfied in the afternoon trying to beat a better time trial to reach the top ten and play for a spot in the second quarter.

Well, Pramac’s first season for Michelle Peru, Who replaces the injured Jorge Martin. For the Italian driver who ranked seventh behind him Pico Bagnaya (Only two thousandths of delay on Morbidelli and 593 on Viñales), good ideas should be brought to the Ducati satellite team. Among the morning downsides there are appearances of Hondas, with Nakagami e Paul Aspargari The best of the four (eleventh and twelfth respectively) while The Marquis brothers were swallowed up in the abyss of the latecomersThe 16th time for Mark, more than a second and a half behind his compatriot Vinales, worse than Alex, who closed in 19th place in front of only. SavadoreAnd the Bastianini e Likuan.

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