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It reopens in France, but a 7 p.m. curfew remains in effect at least until mid-May

It reopens in France, but a 7 p.m. curfew remains in effect at least until mid-May

a Clothe Much more restrained than the Italian style would still be in effect France At least until mid-May. The trans-Alpine country is preparing to agree to a new tranche of reopening: As the vaccination campaign begins well, some companies and schools will raise their doors in France. However, there is no change in the ban on driving in the evening and at night, which begins at 7 pm throughout the national territory.

Three weeks ago, France entered its third session A complete lockout.

France, no change in curfew at 7 pm

In Italy it is the procedure most discussed, but France has a government Emmanuel Macron He has no doubt: the procedure will not be changed for the next three weeks.

Asked about the curfew measures at a press conference, the prime minister said Jan Castex He stressed that it will remain valid “until further notice” and of course It will not be removed until mid-May 2021.

France reopens primary schools

Castex confirmed the epidemiological situation has improved Schools reopen.

Starting April 26, children and teachers from kindergarten and elementary schools will return to school. Experts recommend caution, but Castex believes that “prolonged absence from school creates serious problems for students, not only educational, but also psychological.”

Therefore, the government “still bears responsibility for this decision.”

Despite the decrease in injuries and the pressure on hospitals, the curfew will be one of the last measures that will be lifted. In the middle of next month, the curfew may be reconsidered based on epidemiological data.

Castex said it appears that the peak of the third wave has now passed:Improve the health situation at the national level. It appears that the peak of the third wave is behind us and it appears that the decrease in epidemic pressure has begun. We are facing A more contagious variant It is therefore difficult to fight it – which explains why the speed of the second wave in November decreased to twice the speed of the second wave“.