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Money in the Bank, compare your savings with the average balance of Italians

Money in the Bank, compare your savings with the average balance of Italians

Do you feel very rich or very poor? To understand your true situation, compare your bank account with those of others.

Wealth and poverty are never absolute terms: there are always those who are better off and those who are worse off. However, you can get a realistic idea of ​​your economic situation by comparing it to the average situation in the country where you live. Let’s see what the average balance in current accounts of Italians is currently.

Find out if you are really poor or rich/

We often hear that in 2024 the middle class will not exist: There are only rich and poor. On the other hand, even those who previously considered themselves rich today feel much less wealthy than before. Inflation has had repercussions – albeit to varying degrees – on the lives of all of us. This cannot be denied.

The increases affected all sectors, including basic necessities. Not to mention increases in mortgage payments, rent payments, and household utility bills. Inflation has increased more than salaries and pensions have risen, collapsing our purchasing power.

This is why, above all, today we all feel poorer: if we buy 10 things for 100 euros, today we hardly take home 7 or even less. but, In order to objectively evaluate our economic situation, we have to take into account an objective criterion: the average balance in the current accounts of Italians.. Only in this way can we understand whether we are richer or poorer compared to the average.

Italians and Savings: Here is the average balance in current accounts

Do you think you are very poor or do you still consider yourself lucky with the high cost of living and inflation? To know your real situation, you must take into account an objective factor: the average balance in current accounts of Italians. Let’s see how things really are.

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Here is the average balance in current accounts in Italy/

We Italians have always been champions of saving. We may not be very good at creating multinational companies that generate tens of billions a year, but we have always been good at putting a good nest egg aside for possibilities. And this is still the case? The numbers speak clearly: No, Today almost no one is able to save something and put it aside.

To get to the end of the month, most people now have to rely increasingly on savings deposited in their accounts, which inevitably decline. In 2024, 77% of Italians have less than €12,500 in their current account.; 15.3% have less than 50 thousand euros. Only 6.9% were still able to have between €50,000 and €250,000 in their accounts.

0.4% have a balance between 250,000 and 500,000 euros, and finally, 0.02% have a current account in which more than 500,000 euros are deposited. Doing some calculations we can say that The average Italians’ balance in their current accounts, so far, is less than €15,000: €14,981 to be precise.