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Michelle Santoro as Buffalo Bill in a tragic run

Michelle Santoro as Buffalo Bill in a tragic run

toFabrizio Roncon

His appearance on television now arouses bitterness. The propaganda of his list of European “Peace, Land and Freedom” seems to stem from the fact that he did not resign himself to the lack of a leadership programme.

More than just a journalist or presenter, Michelle Santoro was a great leader of the small screen. A crazy talent, biased and passionate, smart and unscrupulous. Very popular, very loved, very hated: his radio shows – for years – garnered huge ratings and sparked heated debate, because you were either for Michel or against Michel, but then everyone still had to see and hear Michel, even if on At a certain level the programs became rallies full of populism, the first real populism on our television. Which, however, became legendary because it had meaning, an ultimate goal. Right or wrong, he clearly had it. That is why Michel's comments and appearance in talks now arouse a certain amount of bitterness. This is partly due to the passage of time, as the curls and hair are no longer the beautiful mahogany red. But much more so because Michel seems like a parody of himself.

Buffalo Bill's performance is for nostalgic or just curious viewers, Who stop to look at someone shouting in purple: “The press has turned to calling Putin a monster and a liar!” However, he is not a monster and does not always lie!

Michael, really? Michelle But why? Because he began making political propaganda, imbued with peaceful demagoguery, To his list for the European elections (candidates Fauro and Odifreddi, plus the support of Joe Squillo), a list called “Pace Terra Dignità”, which means everything and nothing, or perhaps it just means that Michel does not give up, does not give up, resigned to the fact that they no longer offer him programme, because there is a time for everything, because that's life, and even Totti, who was Totti, by hook or by crook, eventually realized that I couldn't play football anymore. Instead, Michel stubbornly tries to get back on his horse and attempts to set off again in a disastrous race. Even Buffalo Bill, after a season spent as a formidable scout and buffalo hunter, ended up performing in circuses, with performances in which he pretended to still be on the American prairies. He even brought his show – the Wild West Show – to Rome. On March 8, 1890, he lost the famous challenge in taming the ponies against the Zubadis who arrived from Cisterna di Latina and led by Augusto Imperiali. Dear Michelle, think about it.

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April 13, 2024

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