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MI6 is pursuing a new "Q", which is capable of exploiting operational technology in the future

MI6 is pursuing a new “Q”, which is capable of exploiting operational technology in the future

May 02, 2021, 10:00 am

The recruitment is underway, the British Foreign Intelligence Agency is looking for the new “Q”, the Director General who will be responsible for overseeing the teams that manufacture defense technology. A “Q”, or Quartermaster, similar to James Bond

The job offer is enticing and comes from Great Britain. L ‘MI6 (Military Intelligence, Division 6) I am looking for new ones General Manager XAgency head Richard Moore He even took to Twitter to clarify the profile he’s trying to get, based on the spy saga “License to Kill” that made world famous in the movies.

Necessary requirements

The person who wants to apply will supervise the teams working on the technologies that will be used in the operations against them ‘United Kingdom’s toughest opponent’. Ambition “Q” is a must have Digital, technical or cutting edge engineering experience And a record of achieving digital transformation and cultural change to enable the UK Secret Service to move towardsThe cutting edge of digital innovationThe goal is to keep up with the times, the job advertisement reads.As a Q, you will be responsible for creating and functionally adapting technologies to the tasks. You will have to make sure that disruptive technologies, from threats to our operations, turn into opportunities. “. The deadline for submitting applications is May 26th.

Special Agent Wanted

Finally, a baseline has been established Discretion, Candidates are warned not to discuss their desire to search for work with the spying agency, as per MI6 security standards. After that, the winner will be able to talk about their role only with a family member or partner. The advertisement ends with a touch of English humor:The successful candidate will not be publicly announced».

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“Q” is not James Bond

The Symbolic name Q It is mapped inside MI6 al Major Geoffrey ButheroidChief Q. Character from the books of the British writer Ian Fleming And from the movie series on the most famous 007 agent in the cinema, he has a mission to provide weapons, tools and “fitted” cars as needed for the various clients on a mission. In particular, Multiplier Operators 0, were identified because they had a license to kill. Please return equipment intact at the end of the mission. The phrase that recurs every time Bond is given some strange new means, from the Aston Martin passenger ejection seat sports car to the ballpoint pen. From dialogue from the movie The fall of the sky, Directed by Sam Mendes, Released in 2012. Played the third time before Daniel Craig as Secret Agent James Bond:

s: I can say I damage my laptop in pajamas sitting in front of the first Earl Gray trophy more than she does in a year in the field..

bond: Oh, and what do you need next?

s: Every now and then the trigger must be pulled

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