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No to health and social workers instead of nurses in nursing homes …


Bendinelli’s question

The deputy signed the document, which was presented in the room by Maria Elena Bosky

Social health workers (Oss) in the nursing home

Social health workers (Oss) in the nursing home

Even Italia Viva and Mayor of Garda, Davide Bendinelli, is in the field against the decision of the Veneto region that wants to award “superior skills” to the Oss, that is, to social and health workers, in the area of ​​regional health “will come to perform the tasks performed only by specially trained nurses who have graduated.” .

At a time when healthcare for Venice is at the center Controversy after service report Which, on April 26, targeted the management of the epidemic and the extensive use of rapid antigen swabs, Bendinelli opened another controversial front against the territory by signing the Urgent interrogation with colleagues Sarah Moretto and Lisa NojaPresented by Maria Elena Bosque in the classroom.

“On March 16, 2021,” the undersigned Deputy Police announced, “The Council of Veneto issued Resolution No. 305, approving the“ supplementary training course in health care for the social and health operator. The decision is directed to everyoneThe introduction of social and health workers to replace the nursing staff In social and health facilities for the elderly in the region. With a memorandum dated March 29, 2021, Fnopi, the National Federation of Nursing Professions Orders, announced the coordination of nursing professions orders in the Veneto region, that it is “unacceptable” “the possibility of using health social workers to carry out specific work auxiliary clinic to the patient is of the exclusive jurisdiction of doctors and nurses”, affirming that the decision Both the helper and the operators put themselves at grave risk. As well as forming questionable features of legitimacy and professional responsibility. “

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Therefore, the Coordination of Nursing Professions in Veneto requested “the immediate suspension of the advertising law, if not, to assess any necessary action, in the most appropriate judicial offices.” Bendinelli and her colleagues resumed: “Many Venetian buildings are not usually nursing homes but service centers for resident elderly who do not even have a health manager from an organic plant and the users are followed up by general practitioners.”

“The right to assistance in nursing homes should guarantee the safety of guests and maintain appropriate health care standards and health standards.” From here, he asked to know «What initiatives does the government intend to take, also of a regulatory nature, in relation to the decision of the Veneto region? To ensure appropriate quality standards for social and health services, in line with professional qualifications and the health and safety of patients.

Meanwhile, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health, Pierpaolo Celery, I actually agreed with those who object to the Venice Council decision. Taking into account the contents of the resolution, and with particular reference to the complementary training paths for the social and health worker, it appears in reality that the same expands the skills attributed to the specialized health and social worker beyond the limits defined by the 2003 State and Territories Agreement, which specifies the risks of interfering with the skills of Nursing ».

Celery then confirmed that the health minister, Roberto Speranza, would take care of the case. Meanwhile, however, news at the end of April is that Fnopi will continue to appeal to TAR against Veneto’s decision.

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