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Il nuovo amore di Valerio Scanu

Valerio Scanno in bed with him: tenderness and kisses with the beloved

friends, in the history of the father of all talents, carried and led by Maria De Felipe, among the many singers who did not win in the final but who progressed at full speed in the music sector – for sure – should be counted Valerio Scanno. And now the artist is teasing everyone with a photo that just appeared on social media…

Beloved by the general public, the Sardinian singer wanted to show himself on Instagram in a snapshot of where he is In sweet company…and I Likes Thrive!

Valerio Scanno Yobe

It had been a while since he was so young Valerio Scano He entered the school of Maria de Filipe. At that time, she had charmed everyone with her strong and vibrant voice and her long curly hair. He was very attached to Alexandra Amoruso who then reached the podium, while finishing second. Soon after he won San Remo Festival She spent the evening with him expressly dedicated to the duet. Their friendship is still very strong today, even though they don’t get along from an artistic point of view.

Nice personality

Valerius, From the first moment he peeped on the small screen, he made it clear to everyone that he had a sharp tongue and really bad temper! It is for this reason that teachers often – figuratively – pull his ears. Despite this, the audience at home always showed it Love it so much. But then, as time went on, the artist felt the mistreatment of the big companies, so he decided to let them go self production. Until he decided to take Law degree and practicing the profession.

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He was in Latvia with his love, the shocking shot

Despite this, not only did he never leave the world of seven notes, but also the world of entertainment because we saw him as a collaborator, or rather, sent by Dancing with the starsand as a competitor to like any show Where he showed his amazing skills not only as a singer but also as a showman. But what do we know about his private life? Practically nothing but now he has stunned everyone by posting a snap on Instagram: Him in Latvia with his love

The new love of Valerio Scano
Valerio Scanno is on Instagram with the love of his life

Valerio wears home clothesShe is wearing pajamas and putting her hair up. He holds his arms, where many tattoos can be seen, fur treasure He who has a happy look and who exudes joy from every pore of being with his human father. And such a beautiful picture could not help but stock up on likes. After all – as the user rightly commented – It’s great!