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Mediaset The cancer that affected the programme’s presenter: her condition today

Many have ridiculed her for her tied up and always untidy hair in recent months. Today at last, former fourth-grade host Sabrina Scampini confesses to Mediaset’s house mics, and recounts her ordeal and the cause of her ponytail due to chemotherapy.

This is really true, before speaking or writing on social networks, one should count up to a hundred. Free comments hurt, he knows something about it Sabrina Scampini, who finally found the courage to let her fans know what she had to go through the last time. Certainly no one expected that.

Sabrina Scampini is quieter today, but still shows some hesitation as she tells her story, The illness Which befell her and the discomfort she has experienced in recent months, also due to the change in her physical appearance. The Poetry For a woman, it is a very important business card. Not only for what she was experiencing but also because of the comments left by the Keyboard Lions, who, regardless of the truth, allowed themselves to be judged by her physical appearance.

Sabrina Scampini and her rise as a presenter

Sabrina Scampini is a well-known Italian television and radio presenter and journalist. She was born in 1976, after graduating in communication sciences, she started working for her Mediaset home And it hasn’t stopped since. Mainly known for being the host of fourth degreeHe has always faced every challenge with his head held high. From 2021 he accepted the challenge of co-hosting with his colleagues Francesco Faccenti and Geba the radio program “105 Kaos”, on Radio 105.

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How did the disease change her life?

Not only did the journalist receive negative comments during her illness, but there were many fans who felt that something was wrong. They have shown their interest in Scampini’s health over and over again. For them specifically, Sabrina decided to tell herself in a candid interview where she admitted that she got cancer. It was a nerve-wracking experience, didn’t know how it would end, but thanks Prevent He managed to detect the presence of this bad disease in time. Thankfully, she is now officially cured thanks to her timing and chemotherapy. As mentioned Nadia Tovawhich unfortunately today no longer remember his words than the people who enter the oncology hospital are warriors.

Sabrina Scampini 4th class
Sabrina Scampini

With these words, Sabrina Scampini reminds everyone how important prevention is:

It is true that you feel like a warrior, and every time you enter the oncology ward you have many warriors around you. Many are less fortunate, many have to fight for years, and some do not succeed. I did it because I found out in time, and it wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t done it Routine exams. Take prevention, even if you don’t have an issue in your family. It is the most important thing.”