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Mayor of Bettenasko: "We are waiting for Valerio, my condolences to the families of the two girls"

Mayor of Bettenasko: “We are waiting for Valerio, my condolences to the families of the two girls”

“We are trying to get the news from the Swiss hospital where he was admitted to the hospital – says Bettenasco Mayor Franco Zardirani, where 27-year-old Valerio Solla lives, the only woman who survived the Monte Rosa crash, two young ossolers died last night. Take action to provide any support to family members. I offer my condolences to the families of the two girls who lost their lives. These are the tragedies that engulf you. “

“I know Valerio and his family – the mayor adds – he’s been working in Switzerland for some time. He’s a serious guy. Last September he decided to walk from Bettenasco to the sanctuary of Santiago de Compostela.”

The boy documented the trip on YouTube with some videos, until he was forced to interrupt it due to technical issues. One setback he did not overcome was his desire to advance companies in contact with nature. “He has always had a keen interest in mountains and trekking – the mayor concludes – we hope to warm him up again soon”.

Martina Swilbo

Recent posts of missing girls from Facebook, killed by the cold. This is the last sentence of 29-year-old Martina Svilupo: “When nature decides to raise the curtain only for you, the only spectator, you can only cry with emotion”. An ideal lover of the mountains, there are many photos of Trey Sim de lavereto behind her smiling face, between the peaks of her Piedmont like dolomites in her profile. Those who know them talk about two little girls “always happy and smiling, beautiful and cheerful, but with head and shoulders”. The girl’s registered name on the social network was Libra Marty. “Life … is a balanced thing! Please, never exploit yourself … trust, but never be deceived … be satisfied, but never stop improving yourself!”, He writes in a post.

Paola Viscardi

Several photos depict her with her 28-year-old friend Paula Viscardi, who died with him on a trip to Monte Rosa. “The little flower you were born in the field that was not sown, the golden flower – looking at the beauty of the mountains and commenting on a photo of them together – ah, my dear, who told me this: The flower of the violin is this little flower!”. “Marty’s indescribable moments …”, Paula Viscardi comments on a photo taken by her friend on top of a mountain. A phrase by Vasco Rossi sounds almost like an omen: “Life is a flying thrill …”.

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