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Maxi asteroid points to the sun and can become visible to the naked eye

A giant asteroid was discovered only in June of this year, and it is heading at full speed towards the sun. first and foremost , There are no threats of any kind on EarthUnlike other asteroids. Our planet is located at a safe distance of about 3 billion km.

meteo 02134 - Asteroid Maxi points to the Sun and can become visible to the naked eye
An asteroid approaching the sun, could become visible in 2031

In fact, it is one of the most distant celestial bodies from our planet, so that it can be studied thoroughly in the coming decades. The magnitude of this asteroid can make it visible to the naked eye from Earth, or at most with a simple amateur telescope.

There is no collision even with the sun. In the year 2031, this comet-like asteroid will reach a billion kilometers from our star and that will be the perfect time. To be able to locate the object in the sky.

The composition of this asteroid is still a mystery, but The estimated width is impressive between 100 and 200 kilometers. This means that this giant is as big as five islands in Manhattan. The discoverers claim that it will be the largest comet ever.

about celestial bodies entering our atmosphere, About a month ago, a meteorite crashed near Oslo, which gives a wonderful sight. The orb, burning in the atmosphere, turned into a ball of fire.

Many citizens stormed the police with phone callsThe meteor roar blew out the windows. Fortunately, no damage to property or people was detected.

The meteorite had crashed into a wooded area 60 kilometers west of the capital, Oslo, but Even reports of its intense glow came from the British Isles.

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