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Mass deportation from North Korea: Ambassadors leave the country

Updated April 4, 2021, 4:30 p.m.

  • Not much is known about the current corona situation in North Korea due to severe isolation.
  • However, it is certain that more ambassadors are leaving the country.
  • There have to be very strict restrictions.

More information about the corona virus can be found here

According to Russian sources, more ambassadors and staff of international organizations are leaving Mostly isolated North Korea In corona infections. “The exit from the North Korean capital is understandable,” the Russian embassy in the capital, Pyongyang, wrote on Facebook. Not everyone can afford the unprecedented restrictions and the shortage of essential items like medicines. In addition, health problems are not solved there. So, there will be more departures, the news was prophetic in its message on Thursday.

Fewer than 300 international delegates are still on site. It states that “badlocks are already in place” in the diplomatic missions of Great Britain, Venezuela, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland and France. Only nine ambassadors and four Charge de Officers will represent their states.

No official corona case has been reported in North Korea so far

Some employees of the Russian embassy caused a stir when they pushed their luggage into a makeshift trolley on the way home in February because the border had been closed for several months due to the epidemic.

According to the officer There was information in North Korea Not even a corona case yet. However, viewers assume that diseases have already occurred. In North Korea World Health Organization WHO, UN The Development Program UNDP and the World Food Program WFP have offices.

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UN Security Council calls on North Korea to suspend uranium enrichment The office is open

UN Stephen Dujarric, a spokesman for Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, visited the UN headquarters in North Korea in mid-March. The office said it would “operate in the open.” This is the local UN. Operated remotely with staff. International staff have made trips home for their families. They are expected to return to Pyongyang once the border closures for UN personnel are lifted due to Govt-19.

Just a few days ago, North Korea fired ballistic missiles again. UN Resolutions prohibit the country from testing such missiles, which can carry nuclear weapons depending on their design. Earlier, the communist country and self-proclaimed nuclear power reportedly tested two naval missiles. (mss / dpa)

Before US Secretary of State Anthony Blinkan and Pentagon President Lloyd Austin arrived in South Korea, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s sister spoke. Kim Yo-jong accused Joe Biden’s government of causing trouble. Korean state television quoted her harshly.