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Covid USA, Cerberus Wins for Experts

Covid USA, Cerberus Wins for Experts

Several potential ‘competitors’ are attempting to undermine the dominance of the Omicron 5 subvariant of Sars-CoV-2. However, it is not yet clear which of these will emerge. A real signal has come from the United States about the possibility of the Cerberus BQ.1.1 subgenus, which has already been baptized by experts in social networks.

Cerberus is a ‘daughter’ of Omicron 5 and to draw attention to her is Eric Topol, the American scientist director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute in La Jolla, California, who writes about the “important update” on Twitter. American genetic surveillance “on Covid,” with a significant change: while BA.5 decreases, BQ.1.1 quickly gains “quality”, among other variations, “notes the expert, publishing a map of the Cdc ( US Centers for Disease Prevention and Control). Latest predictions Cerberus is forecast at 5.7% for October 15, up from 2.4% on October 8, and growing rapidly within a week thereafter.In one scenario, BA.4.6, another sub-variant (of Omicron 4) that is racing the most in the country, gave 12.2%, but compared to the previous week. Fixed.

To explain the characteristics of BQ.1.1, the scholar questions the map of variants in circulation (the map of convergent evolution) and explains that it “appears to be the main ‘engine’ for the “encoded immune traits. The next wave in the United States in the coming weeks”.

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