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Former US President Donald Trump (74) has pulled millions of dollars out of the pockets of his most loyal supporters, who are not really willing to donate.

To do this, Trump’s team used loud “New York Times” An old sales ploy: The subscription trap was hidden in small print on his donation page.

The Trump campaign used auto-checked boxes for this. It started with a box in March 2020, which says “turn this into a monthly donation”.

In March 2020, the hidden subscription with the monthly fee was still noticed – but even here, the hook was set from the startPhoto:

During the election campaign, the selected boxes are more and more embarrassing. The campaign team added an earlier bold text – some with absolutely big words.

▶ ast Taste: “This is the last month until election day, and we need every patriot who will stand up if President Trump wants to win four years. It will revive our economy, restore law & order, and return to American greatness, but it has not yet been done. This is your chance – stand with President Trump and increase your influence now! “

Underneath it all – not daring – donations will be made weekly, unless you remove the tick yourself.

Have you found the subscription trap with these boxes?

Have you found the subscription trap with these boxes?Photo:

Over time, a second box was added, which the Trump team also called the “money bomb” according to the report. With her you doubled the donation amount. This option should also be enabled by default.

Tactical war is legal

These figures show that many Trump supporters may have fallen victim to the subscription trap: the Trump campaign and Republicans have repaid 530,000 worth more than $ 64 million in the last two and a half months.

By comparison, the campaigns of Joe Biden and the Democrats saw just 37,000 paybacks, totaling $ 5.6 million. According to the report, a certain number of repayments is common. For example, they may occur when someone makes a donation in excess of the law.

The truth is: Trump’s donation ploy is legal. An American consumer protection organization criticized the practice as “unfair, unreasonable and appropriate.”

A 78-year-old California pensioner who actually wanted to pay only $ 990 described Trump as a “robber” in the New York Times. His fee was repeated seven times until he donated nearly 000 8,000. “I’m retiring. I can’t pay all the bad money,” the retiree said.

When asked by the newspaper if Trump knew how donations were collected for him, a spokesman for the former president did not respond.

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