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Gigi D'Alessio, Evil Destroyer: 'He lost the battle against cancer' - Democrat

Gigi D’Alessio, Evil Destroyer: ‘He lost the battle against cancer’ – Democrat

Anna Tatangelo’s ex-husband went through a dark period due to an illness that entered his life

Gigi D’AlessioIn addition to being one of the greatest exponents of Neapolitan music, he is also an internationally recognized artist. During his extraordinary career, he sold nearly thirty million records, numbers that allowed him to reach the elite of our local discography.

Gigi de Alessio (web source)

Gigi’s latest album in chronological order released so far has been a huge hit. authorized “good morning”The singer’s work is full of collaborations with many of his colleagues in Naples, many of whom have earned notoriety by working alongside a brilliant performer of his caliber.

D’Alessio was recently a guest on Mediaset. We are talking about “big show”the usual form Enrico Papi Which thus returned at the height of Canale 5. The artist proved to be very useful and ready to joke, once again highlighting his ability to stand on stage and perform.

Gigi D’Alessio, Suffering Caused by Disease

A little over ten years ago, Gigi forever lost someone very dear to him. It is located around his brother Petrowho passed away in 2011 at the end of the year fight cancer. Unfortunately, the guy did not succeed, which caused great suffering in the heart of Anna Tatangelo’s ex-husband.

Later, to be exact in 2018, D’Alessio gave an interview to “Verissimo” mics. During the filming of the program presented by Silvia Tovanen, the Campania artist spoke about his late brother: He lost the battle with lung cancer. Cancer is a terrible diseaseIt changes nothing to be rich or poor.”

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Gigi de Alessio (web source)

Gigi really did everything he could to try to save Petro, who was nothing to do: I’ve tried everything to help him, I think sometimes we get worse from disease, and perseverance is bad. For certain things, the decision should be left to God. The important thing is prevention and treatment. I haven’t smoked in a year and a half, you have to love yourself.”

The ugly evil taken by his brother Pietro also killed the artist’s parents, which is also why they decided wisely stop smoking. In fact, Gigi’s words should serve as a warning to all his fans, especially regarding a very important topic like prevention.