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Marcuse’s show “Boomerissima”.  Her ex Facchinetti teased: “Do you remember what we did?”

Marcuse’s show “Boomerissima”. Her ex Facchinetti teased: “Do you remember what we did?”

Embarrassment in the first episode of Boomerissima by Alicia Marcusi. The presenter, who arrived after saying goodbye to Mediaset in Rai, wanted her ex-partner among the guests Francesco Vacente, The father of her daughter Mia. However, during the exchange, the presenter admitted that she remembered little about the love story with the music producer. In the context of Super Hit gameMarcusi Facente asked: “You know I don’t know what your favorite song is?”. He replied: “It’s about you. The first time we met, do you remember what we did?”. And Alicia: “No … that is, in the sense, I don’t remember where she was. Actually, I have a void … We wrote to each other the first time, well, anyway, let’s go on.” but that is not all …

Jokes exchange between Alessia Marcuzzi and Facchinetti

Francesco Vacente explained: “But I didn’t want to say it, but what happened? That night I had an A-ah shirt because you’re an A-ah fanatic, do you remember I wore that shirt?”. Alicia Marcusi He said he did not remember these details, which provoked a reaction Claudia Gerini, another guest From Boomerissima: That evening really stuck with her.. Finally, Faccenti stated: “Let’s talk about a song that was doomed to us, even if you don’t remember it, because it sparked a story that lasted over time and was a beautiful love story. The song is called Take on me.”

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Alessia Marcuzzi, hot transparency on TV at Boomerissima

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