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Carnivorous plants, why do they exist?  Unravel the mystery

Carnivorous plants, why do they exist? Unravel the mystery

Have you ever wondered why carnivorous plants exist? Let’s unravel the mystery: there are about 600 species in the world

Carnivorous plant – Pixabay –

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Nature, as we well know, is Available From different types of plants and animals. On the other hand, it seems that our land was once populated Only and exclusively from them. Therefore, if we consider a stretch province, It doesn’t take much to imagine that the species of flora and fauna are truly countless. In this article we will talk about a plant, type V private: carnivorous plants. In mainstream fiction they represent “ugly” types among these Existingperhaps the one that nobody wants to have in the house.

However, this plant has Mission Very accurate and important. Just like all species, animals and plants in the world, plants are carnivores too they contribute To stabilize the health of our ecosystem. These are very special plants that don’t need much Care. They are partially heterotrophs, as they do not participate in to treat From photosynthesis, as they feed on animals and protozoa. Especially who insects.

Carnivorous plants: the secret to their existence

Peculiarities of carnivorous plants
Drosera – carnivorous plant – Pixabay –

As we said before, plants are carnivorous Basic for our ecosystem. But what is Privacy of this type of plant? They differ from others in the process they follow to feed themselves. In particular, in fact, to them feed, based on the insects they catch and consume to obtain the food they need to thrive. As expected, in fact they do not participate in the process Photosynthesis chlorophylliana, like all other species, presumably protozoa and insects.

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but why exist these plants? Carnivorous plants are the species for which they have evolved need to To adapt to soils that lack nutrients, such as swamps, for example. They were born approx 70 Millions of years ago, thanks to Aabnormality The genetics that made them known as “flesh eaters.” It’s very cute rareAs the structural characteristics of this plant are unique and of high quality specialized For the catch that follows feeding thanks to the trapped prey.

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Almost there 600 Species of carnivorous plants distributed throughout the world. This type of plant is necessary not only for our balance environmental systembut it is a great help for those who own a garden or vegetable garden, such as Guarantees No insects or parasites that can damage flowers and plants. Moreover, they also feed on mosquitoesIt’s a valid treat, too Good-bye These annoying insects bite.