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Mara Vener bursts into tears: “The worst of my life” |  The news came as a shock

Mara Vener bursts into tears: “The worst of my life” | The news came as a shock

The 48th edition of “Domenica In”, the historic RAI Uno program hosted by Mara Vener, concluded on Sunday amid controversy.

He has just finished hosting the 15th edition of Sunday in of his career and in September he will present the historic RAI Uno Sunday program for the sixteenth time. But whoever completes the last effort of the year is one Mara Venier is disappointed and sad.

The famous broadcaster of Venice has had a very intense season, full of satisfaction but at the same time marred by countless controversies and criticism directed at her. One episode in particular, which was discussed at length in the media, undermined his mental state.

In February after the Sanremo Festival Mara Fenner read a statement from RAI CEO liveRoberto Sergio, with whom the General Director of Viale Mazzini took a position against the peace call for Palestine launched by Ghali, the singer of Tunisian origins who performed on the stage of the Ariston Theater.

On that occasion, Venier was mired in controversy, His behavior was defined by his critics as servile And very condescending towards RAI’s top management.

Mara Venier explodes, and presenter Domenica In can’t take it anymore: shocked fans

Months later, this wound is still not healed, far from it. Bitterness and anger at the many cruel attacks carried out by the right and left remained engraved on the face of the “Sunday Lady.” The feelings that Voiced by Mara Venere During a long interview with the newspaper,Prophet”.

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This last edition of Domenica In was for me the worst of all the editions made so far“Very important words that leave no room for doubt. What harmed the popular broadcaster came first and foremost The sudden transformation of someone he declared to be his friend.

Journalist and presenter Alberto Matano –

Mara Venier is devastated: “I didn’t expect that, they all disappeared.”

Fenner then explained the meaning of her words: “I suffered a lot, Many supposed friends have disappeared into thin airHe disappeared from my life overnight. And you deleted them forever“.

But someone remained close to her, and other prominent figures in the world of journalism expressed their solidarity with her: “I think above all of Fiorello, Alberto Matano, Lily Gruber, Selvagia Lucarelli, Michele Santoro and Walter Veltroni.. I am grateful to them all“.