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Millie Carlucci, separation from her husband: the grim truth

Millie Carlucci, one of the most famous presenters, some time ago was the victim of a rather unpleasant situation, in which her husband was also involved. That’s what it is.

Millie Carlucci is one of the pillars of Italian television. In fact, over the years, she has had success as a presenter thanks to the show Dancing with the Stars. The presenter has accomplished an amazing feat Maintain an excellent rating for the audience, although the show has been on the air for several years now. She has an infectious sense of humor and sunshine and quickly manages to penetrate the hearts of Italians. Despite the great success in business, it seems that his Privacy is not.

Millie Carlucci – Solo

Millie Carlucci has always been very conservative about the personal sphere and did not want to share much with the public. Lately, however, it is The news of her separation from her husband spread. This shocked everyone, given the longevity of their relationship, which began in 1985. This divorce is a thunderbolt out of the blue for all lovers of a happy ending. What happened between the two? Here’s the grim truth…

Are Mille Carlucci and Angelo Donati divorced?

Millie Carlucci and Angelo Donati got together in 1985. The two met when they were already adults, with really important experiences behind them and loved ones that marked them. They chose to marry and soon afterwards They have two children, Angelica Kristel and Patrick Donati. During all these years of living together, they always kept their family and love away from the news magazines and gossip.

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Millie Carlucci has spent a lot of energy growing professionally, dedicating herself body and soul to her career. He started his career alongside Renzo Arbor on the show “L’altra Domenica”. Moreover, since 2005 he has been running the TV show “Dancing with the Stars” which continues to have success after success in terms of TV ratings.

Instead his private life It’s always been so regularShe did not have much flirtation, and her love affair with Angelo Donati was significant and strong. That is why everyone was shocked by the news of their divorce.

Here is the fact that they broke up

It is known that even in the past, Millie Carlucci and Angelo Donati had moments of crisis, which, however, always managed to overcome the crisis. It seems that the straw that broke the camel’s back for Angelou was the fact that the presenter became Brand Certificate of face creams.
Angelo Donati and Millie Carlucci –

However, this It was fake news Developed by the cream brand only to increase sales. It seemed that the two of them had already reported the situation. So there is no separation between them.