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Malta's Room: Setting the Sea on Italy

Malta’s Room: Setting the Sea on Italy

When it was over, The Sea Eye4 Now it is pressing against the Italian borders. The German-flagged ship is sailing with more than 400 people after making six transfers in the Mediterranean over the past few hours. No recoveries have been made in the Italian SAR area, but the German NGO is now asking the Coast Guard to restrict coordination. Yesterday, Nicola Moldeni clearly reminded Germany of its responsibilities as the flag state of Sea I4 without receiving any confirmation from Germany. After refusing Malta and deciding to travel to Italy, Matteo Salvini Boundaries need to be protected through social media.

Malta rejects safe port application for # SEAEYE4 and claims responsibility in Flag State and home port of Regensburg. We are now reaching the Italian SAR area and urgently asking the Coast Guard for coordination“, He announced Gordon Isler, Sea Eye Management Team via Social Media. The response of the State of Malta was definite because this often happens: there are no open ports for NGO vessels.

Instead of going to Germany, as requested yesterday by the Under Secretary of State for the Italian Government, the sea eye traveled towards our country, now 20 nautical miles off the regional waters off the coast of Sicily. “Italy is not responsible for co-ordinating events in other parts of the world. In line with the spirit of European solidarity and sharing, we expect the reception and landing of immigrants from the German ship of the German voluntary organization to take place in Germany.“He thundered yesterday Nicola Moldeni.

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Nevertheless, with the arrogance that has always plagued voluntary charities, the ship has decided to head to Italy to unload more than 400 migrants. “Let me understand. A German ship collects 400 illegal immigrants in Libyan and Maltese waters, Malta refuses to assign a port and they head to Italy. I protect Boundaries It is not a crime, it is a duty!“Matteo Salvini wrote after the claim of the Sea Eye 4 of Italian integration.

Meanwhile, allegations are being made from the ship against Europe: “EU countries are failing people who seek protection“. Now the league M.E.P. Annalisa Tardino EU calls for intervention: “If anyone in Brussels still thinks that Italy can be turned into a refugee camp in Europe, they are very wrong. 440 immigrants are coming to Sea Eye 4. In this case of the German Seawatch, the activity of voluntary charities continues uninterrupted“.