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The United States donates 80 million vaccines, but to whom do they go?

The United States donates 80 million vaccines, but to whom do they go?

The United States of America You will donate part of the surplus in the next six weeks Coronavirus vaccines. Announced directly before Joe BidenAfter the White House raised the issue of exports by the European Union.

When Biden embraced the patent liberalization case, Brussels raised a big wall by calling on the United States to start exporting domestically produced dosages just as the European Union countries do.

With the patent issue on guard, the United States is now ready to reveal its generosity Donate a total of 80 million doses. It is not yet known who will direct.

However, Joe Biden was careful to stress that the 80 million doses that have been officially announced are a much higher donation than those that have been given so far. Russia and ChinaThat stopped at 15 million vaccines.

Vaccines: Who Will the US Doses Go to?

According to the latest data, 37% of the population abroad has been fully vaccinated against COVID. Given that the White House has chosen 1.2 billion doses for 2021, Washington now has it Cospicuo excess.

Already at the end of April, the United States announced that it did not need a vaccine AstraZenecaThat has not been approved by the US authorities. Thus, 60 million optional doses of the vaccine made in Oxford will be donated to other countries.

But now Joe Biden has announced that 60 million doses of AstraZeneca will add 20 million vaccines PfizerAnd the modern e Johnson & Johnson. In June, the United States will distribute a total of 80 million doses.

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But who will they go to? Part maybe al Mexico, Due to a tacit agreement that would also pay attention to border controls to avoid the arrival of large numbers of migrants, while aid was promised in recent weeks toIndia.

Then there’s always the COVAX program, which the World Health Organization put together for Ensure access to vaccines for middle and low income countries. The project has so far been largely a failure, as the United States, with its generosity, can assist the core nations in the complex global geopolitical chessboard.