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Winter returns between the weekend, Saturday and Sunday; Maps confirm an inversion »

Weather: Winter returns between weekend, Saturday and Sunday; The maps confirm a turnaround

Weather forecast for next weekendThe latest weather announcements certainly confirm an important change, a real turning point, For next weekend. Maps show the effects of severe weather in several regions Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 January.

However, before this announced change, we will still have to deal with the anticyclone spreading over the Mediterranean region, which will ensure more atmospheric stability at least until Saturday the 14th.
The presence of high pressure does not have the same effects everywhere: first, it has an effect. Very sunny condition Temperatures are again above average in much of central-southern Italy. to NorthOn the other hand, stability and absence of wind are favorable Return of fog to the plains Thermal values ​​remain low even during the day (especially if the fog layer persists).

However, the high pressure will not be able to fully “protect” our country for long and will be forced to capitulate by the end of next week. from Sunday 15th, In fact, The approach of a depression descending from northern Europe can break up a counter-cyclone starting from our northern regions: the diagram below clearly illustrates this. Disturbed and cold front It prepares to enter Italy.Cold from Northern Europe arrives in Northern Italy from Sunday 15thCold from Northern Europe arrives in Northern Italy from Sunday 15th
If this trend is confirmed, it is reasonable to expect a rapid increase in cloud cover in the north, especially during the second part of the day the rain On that day Liguria, Lombardy, Veneto, Emilia Romagna, Friuli Venezia Giulia, then spreading rapidly to the whole Tyrrhenian region (Tuscany, Lazio and Campania most affected) and Sardinia.. Assuming there will be a drop in temperature, some flakes Snow At an altitude of 7/800 meters in the Alps (I can be more precise about this in the next few days, everything depends on the path of cold currents).
The map below, referring precisely to Sunday, shows the distribution of rainfall (Fig The sky is blue And Blue) and snow is expected in the mountains (Pink)Rainfall on Sunday, January 15Rainfall on Sunday, January 15
A different speech instead of South And Sicily will have even larger sunny intervals and pleasant thermal values ​​for the duration.

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