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Lottery Italy, here are 5 golden tickets.  5 million euro first prize in Bologna – Chronicle

Lottery Italy, here are 5 golden tickets. 5 million euro first prize in Bologna – Chronicle

Here are the series and numbers of the first five tickets drawn in the first category of Lotteria Italia, winning prizes ranging from 1 to 5 million euros.

First prize 5 million euros: Continued D 271862 Sold in Bologna

Second prize from 2.5 million euros: Continued L 486158 Sold in Rome

Third prize from 2 million euros: Continued L 349605 Sold to Fonte Nuova (Rome).

Fourth prize from 1.5 million euros: Continued E 004737 Sold in Rome

Fifth prize from 1 million euros: Continued L 492408 Sold in Pharma

The committee, at the end of the meeting, decided to allocate for carrying out the measures related to the adjourned distributed lotteries 195 total prizes totaling 16 million and 211 thousand euros This year for Lotteria Italia. This was announced by Adm.

They are 5 First class prizes: First Prize 5 Million, Second Prize 2.5 Million, Third Prize 2 Million, Fourth Prize 1.5 Million, Fifth Prize 1 Million.

Ten i Second type of gifts From 50 thousand euros, it is 180 The third type From 20 thousand euros.

For this edition of the lottery, the committee decided to award 30 more third category prizes than last year. A total of €111,000 was allocated to the retailers where the winning tickets were purchased. A list of winning tickets is available on the site

Lazio has been confirmed as the queen region of sales for the 2023 edition of the traditional Italian lottery. Of the more than six million tickets sold across Italy, one in six (1,118,190) were sold in the various provinces of Lazio – apparently – A total of 871,430 tickets were sold for Rome. Lombardy (959,400 tickets) and Campania (583,840) top the list of regions considered lucky by players. A total of 6,013,665 tickets were sold this year, about 400,000 fewer than last year, marking a sign of a competitive recovery. Online ticket sales have also increased this year. An increasingly widespread practice for a competition with a historical legacy. 101,445 coupons were split online, about 27,000 more than last year.

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It is no coincidence that most tickets are sold in Lazio, last year in the capital the first prize was awarded 5 million euros (sold by a distributor in Rome and ended up in a tobacconist in Vile Mazzini) and the fourth prize 1.5 million. According to the facts provided by Agipronews, in the last ten editions, from 2011 to 2021, with tickets sold in Rome and its province, 20 million euros were awarded with first tier prizes alone.

The extraction of Lotteria Italia will take place this evening during the Rai1 TV program “I soliti ignoti” hosted by Amadeus. The number and amounts of prizes, apart from the first sum already fixed at 5 million euros, will be decided tonight at a meeting of the draw committee. No withholding or withdrawal is applied to any sums received from the Italian Lottery, so winners are fully credited with sums corresponding to established prizes recalled by the Customs and Monopolies Agency.

For 2023, Adm also proposes Italy’s philanthropic lottery: the launch is scheduled for February 1 And the result is set on 30th July, the final drawing is scheduled for November 9. The winner, explains Agipronews, will be given a prize: to choose and name one of the projects proposed by Lotteria Filantropica Italia in his name, which will be chosen based on solidity, replicability of the model, capacity to create employment. And respond more urgently to social needs.