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Twisted letters and stress: who are Olindo and Rosa

Twisted letters and stress: who are Olindo and Rosa

Graphology cannot prove the guilt of a subject in connection with a crime, but it can observe and describe the motives, intentions and annoyances that lead the individual to display disordered behaviors, and pick up the hidden part of the iceberg, unconscious and less controlled, which, when he loses control, prompts him to give way purely instinctive feelings.

Analysis of drawings and writings Roman Olindo It can be inferred that he possesses an ill-built physique both intellectually and emotionally, with an indefinite identity; This is not due to a lack of culture, but to his efficient temperamental structure, which leads him to easily allow himself instinctively, not knowing how to manage emotions perfectly and forcing him to experience the struggle between “doing good” and aggressive movements.

Olindo, with the letter-stalks twisted to the left and the “g” well-shaded and swollen, indicates instability of mood, inability to manage impulses, and inconsistency in relational life.

The pressure of the pen on the paper, accentuated by the alternation of light and dark in the letters, and the constant revision, indicates the need to obsessively control everything, as if expelling the deep insecurity that puts the subject in a state of phobic anxiety. . Fear and fear of loneliness, in fact, along with emotional fragility, seem to be part of his past history, in which personal identity was not built properly, which gave rise to an insatiable emotional hunger, which led him, on the one hand, to dependence on the other. On the other hand, this person made him jealous and jealous.

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In the handwriting, there are also aggressive traits expressed through “crooked” gestures in the letters with upper and lower extensions, suggesting something the adolescent may have triggered attitudes of compensation for inner poverty.

The crowded stroke, almost childish writing, and letters with sticks tilted to the left indicate a tendency to hide feelings, especially if they are upset, allowing good-natured childishness to appear on the outside rather than the true feelings felt inside. On the one hand this goes to emphasize the manic-phobic element (see also excessive use of highlighters and use of small drawings and extra stickers) and on the other hand expresses the need to like and be liked with very naive strategies.

Signed by Olindo Romano

Again, graphology, as a human science, can collaborate with other disciplines to understand the underlying causes of troubled personality early on. It is true that he cannot comprehend what is happening through Raptus, nor why a sudden rage takes hold of the subject; While he can identify and describe the personality disorder that has accumulated over time.

In the current handwriting of Olindo Romano, we recognize the cognitive poverty that leaves him at the mercy of an emotional experience with an obsessive-phobic background.

Signature Rosa Bazzi

As to the signature, which is given to me as belonging to Rosa Bazzi, I cannot trace a personal profile but I can certainly say that the subject is the prey of a strong sentimentality of the anxious type.