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“Vote, we haven’t won yet.” Another storm over Emiliano


The election weekend was full of controversy Michael Emiliano It, obviously, struggles to behave flawlessly from an organizational perspective. If the storm erupted this morning over a meeting with the ASL leaders of the province of Lecce, the head of the Puglia region, with electoral silence, there should be some caution until the votes of the municipal elections are counted. , the former mayor of Bari, saw fit to worsen his position from the point of view of political opportunity when the polls were open in the eight Apulian municipalities.

In fact, the site reported that in the evening Emiliano sent a message via WhatsApp to some contacts. The fifth force. “Voter turnout is low in Barry, call all your contacts and ask them to vote – Apulian President writes -. The fact that a candidate received more votes does not render the runoff ineffective. No one has ever won just by getting 70% of the votes in the first round“. and then again:”Gather everyone And ask him Go and vote. Vote tomorrow till 3pm Voting is a right but also a duty. Rotate everywhereAt 11pm on Sunday the total turnout in Puglia was 32.3%, with Bari still at 27.1% and Lecce at 45.7%, according to Emiliano.

Another idiot made public in recent hours by local TV Telerama, Emiliano held a meeting “behind closed doors” on the morning of Saturday, June 22.A few friends from different social and professional categories may even talk Ballot in Lecce“. This story is derived from a letter sent to the governor by Democratic Party Vice President Claudio Stefanasi.”A very serious violation of the rules“, immediately wrote the supporters of the mayoral candidate of the Salento capital Adriana Poli Bordone for the run-off-now center against Dem Carlo Salvemini.

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Violation of Election Rules”All the more serious because it comes from an institutional figure, the head of the region, who is supposed to be the guarantor of the entire Apulian people.“.

So Emiliano wouldn’t have had much hesitation “On Summoning the Leaders of the Lecce Hospital prompting them to vote for a centre-left candidate Salvemini“, demonstrating Apulian public health, “LRegardless of the political identities of the citizens, it has become only an instrument of political power based on impartiality and credibility.“. Fratelli d’Italia, the local alliance of Lega and Forza Italia also announced Exposed. In short: a not-so-perfect weekend for Puglia’s president.


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