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Revenue Agency, new clarification on the advantages of the first home

Revenue Agency, new clarification on the advantages of the first home

revenue agency, with In response to Interbello n. 653/2021, has provided new indications regarding access to First home facilities. The taxpayer specifically addressed the taxpayer who, having the necessary requirements for recognition of the benefit, asked whether it was possible for him to take advantage of the discount “at the time of payment of the taxes due to record the transfer that is at the time of the future text of the loan agreement”.

Advantages of the first home: In the case of transfer, recognition coincides with the payment of registration taxes

As stated by AE’s taxpayer division, the Privileges related to buying the first home As well as the first home is subject to accurate declarations (required by law) and certain possession Requirements (Who is the latest news about it).

However, regarding the specific case, a request for clarification regarding Recognition of the tax reward accrued (or if this coincides with the time of payment of registration taxes or contract signing), the agency noted what was recently established in Resolution 38/E of May 28, 2021, which clarified that it is possible to request the application of the “first home” facility even in cases In which the ownership of the property is transferred by a judicial measure.

For this reason, it has been added in the application, “Considering that the facility of the ‘first house’ described is also applied in the premise in which title to the property is acquired as a result of a judicial measure,” it may be considered today that “the interrogator – or any person in the same position – He can make use of the facilities governed by reference to transfer instruments to consider the ownership of “first homes” for residence, or at the time of Pay the taxes due to record the transfer (Who is the The Complete Guide to Privileges).

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First home benefits: No exemption at the time of signing the contract

The Revenue Agency, in explaining the importance of the moment when the applicant would have to provide the declarations required by the legislator to access the remuneration, in the Interpello concerned, was then attached to provisions Resolution 38 / T for the year 2021, in the part where it is stated that: “The expected declarations are made by the interested party, as a rule, pending the judgment, so that they appear in the judgment itself. (…), however, it is possible to make such declarations also at a later time, Provided that this occurs before the bond is registered.”

Therefore, when emphasizing that explanatory solutions approved with the above practice document can also be used in a first home support system, it can be concluded that “reference to Time of the future term of the loan agreement“.

The new revenue agency indicators, as we’ve seen, address a specific situation. For a full picture and overview of how these discounts work, Who is the go deeper.